Grout Sealing & More in Raleigh, NC



Clear sealing new tile & grout.

If your tile is one week old or two years old, sealing the grout is the answer to many, many more years of enjoyment without all the maintenance issues. Whether you hire us, or do it yourself, (keep off tile unless natural stone); all new grout should be sealed at a minimum of two coats. The sealer will prevent staining from spills or soap deposits. A properly sealed grout will need only occasional cleaning with a ph neutral cleaner, then dry the grout lines whenever possible with a terry cloth towel. It's the soap deposits and dirt from cleaning the floor that falls into the lowest point of the floor: the grout lines. So if we can dry the grout lines after cleaning, we remove anything left behind and we prohibit anything from sitting in grout lines and over time building up & wearing away the sealer. So just like the clear coat on a new car, the sealer protects the finish.

Remember, if the new grout is stained permanently where cleaning alone won't remove, we offer color sealing, no matter how bad the stain our color sealing process will make the entire surface look as though the floor was just installed, we guarantee it. Color sealing is a little more labor intensive than clear sealing, another reason why you should clear seal that grout when it's new and at least every 2 ears depending on location .. It's not too late to seal your grout whether it looks like the day it was installed or dirty, we can get it back to new.... Backsplashes should not be ignored, food cleans right off.

Call Today ... Clear, Satin & Semi Gloss Clear finishes are available.