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Is your grout & tile dirty & stained?

Maybe you don’t like your Grout condition or its color ? We can change it. We at Groutlines.com will offer every option available. From stripping and clear sealing grout & tile, we can apply our proprietary color sealants, and simply change or enhance your grout color while sealing it at the same time ... From new tile & clear sealer to older stained grout & acrylic based color sealers, we have "The Solution". Certain porous tiles, from clear to color, we will help you decide which best suits your needs. From Acrylic colors sealers which change all grout to one monolithic color, or clear sealers to protect your existing grouts color and keep new for many years with low maintence practices.

There are 3 basic sealers:

  1. Clear penetrating sealer, which as its name states, is clear & doesn’t darken or add sheen to grout.

  2. Clear sealer with Matte to Gloss finish, these product are thicker & will darken most grouts ( a shade or 2 at most ) and leave a sheen on surface to match your tiles .....

  3. Color sealers, acrylic based with polymers & fillers, used when grout is stained or you simply want a new look. Unlike Dyes or Stains, which wash away over time, our color sealers are extremely durable.

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